Kindy arrival – Webster and Templeton

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New koala kids in the kindy, and some really exciting news about one of our previous kindy koalas. Make sure you hit the like button!

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The koala gardens kindy is becoming a very busy place. Only one week empty, and we've got two arrivals.

This one’s Webster. Look at that little climber. He's come such a long way in the last few months.

I love that no matter how old they are and how much experience they've had they always go a certain way up, but then turn, stop, have a good look at you, think about the situation, before settling themselves into the tree.

Now here we've got the next one coming out and this time it's Templeton.

Wow he was so ready to be out an in a real tree. These two boys are about the same size as each other and they know each other well so they should do well sharing the kindy together.

Templeton is getting himself quite settled at the top of the tree. You can see that it has been cut off there. We have to keep the trees trimmed to only a certain height otherwise we'd never be able to catch the kindy kids to get them out again and get them health checked and released into the wild.

Templeton actually thought that was a pretty darn good spot.

Early the next morning when I came in to check on them and cut some supplement leaf they were actually sharing a tree.

Here's an up close and personal with Templeton. And Webster. You can see that lovely nose pattern he has.

And I think you'll all agree Webster couldn't look much more relaxed and happy if he tried.

Templeton isn't looking quite as relaxed but he's enjoying a lovely little bit of afternoon breeze in one of the kindy tallowwoods.

I'll keep you updated as we move through our two weeks of kindy.

And now for the promised exciting news!

You will remember Meggs. She's been in the kindy twice.

While when she had her health check after coming out of the kindy last week they found she's got a joey in pouch!

So how exciting is that news?

That means Meggs gave birth while she was here in the kindy.

That posture should have been the giveaway for me. She's now a nursing mother onya Meggs!

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