Koala Bullet knows what he wants

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It's time to have good afternoon feed with Bullet. We all love having a bit of time with Bullet. So what's he going to get up to today? He is sure starting it off with one crazy sleeping position.

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So, this particular day in the morning, Bullet was sleeping in what I think is you know, a pretty reasonable koala sleeping position. But, later in the afternoon I found him lazing about doing his half sleeping, half waking up, having yawn, have a scratch, make some decisions. The kind of stuff that you know, we've seen him do this quite a bit before.

So, I think we're all getting to know a little bit about the routine Bullet quite likes to have. Anyone who gets to observe koalas will notice that they spend quite a bit of time appearing to be scratching. But that scratching is usually a combination of scratching and grooming using both their hands and the claws on their feet to achieve this.

Bullet actually spent about half an hour doing this little wake up routine. And then all of a sudden, he climbed one level up on the branch and starts looking up in the treetops. You can just tell by looking at him that he's making decisions about where he's going to head to get the meal that it is obviously time for him to have at this point.

I really have no idea what decision he's going to make and when he decided it was time to move, of course he headed into a big bunch of leaves and I had to drop everything and run to get to a new perspective.

So, I missed him doing his big climbing leap up to this point where he is now. You can see that it's quite windy up there and Bullet is actually taking advantage of that as some of the bunches of leaves blow towards him. He's quite high up in one of his two favourite red gums that are just in front of the house.

You can see he's positioned himself pretty well. He's got a comfy spot to sit and nice bunches of great looking leaf just within reach. So, he can just sort of sit back in his little cafe chair and enjoy a meal. And, of course, have a scratch when needed too.

Once he's eaten everything in this course, that's just what he wants, he headed higher up the tree to have the second course of his meal.

Meanwhile, Jesse shows us what he thinks of it. I just love how that nose goes. Of course, he's not really aware of Bullet, he's over on the other side of the property.

Well, you've done it. You've made it to the end of the video yet again.

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Thanks so much for watching. I'll see you on the next video.

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