Koala antics for February – who was here?

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I'm Koola Koala and I'm gonna take you for a walk through February. Who would believe February is already over?

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So, firstly we get Ash. Ash as only here one day. I mean he just like, dropped in, kept himself hidden and off he went. A little bit of a look at him here. I love that guy.

You might not know it, but this is actually one of our favourite sleeping positions. Just kind of wrap yourself around a whole bunch of thin branches and flop. And the best place to do it happens to be to be top of a tall tree.

Everybody loves bullet. But you know what? Bullet was actually here hardly at all this month. I wish he'd tell us what he's been up to. Out of all the 28 days in the month of February Bullet was only here 6. Now that's not like our boy. I mean look at him! Here he looks like he'd never leave.

You probably heard that koalas are really territorial? And we are. We really like our own place, and this is one of bullets favourite trees.

You can see he is just as relaxed and comfy, comfy, comfy, as can be. And when he does finally wake up, whoa, what a view he's got from all the way up there. That's the tree that's in the soft release enclosure too. It doesn't bother bullet at all. I mean the gate was open right. So, it must be OK?

And just so that you know that I'm quite serious when I say these are our favourite sleeping positions, here is Hugo. Imitating bullet or maybe he is competing with him? Who wins the best flopping sleep position I wonder?

You might also know that we koalas can sleep anything up to 22 hours a day. I know right? Seems a long time. But let me tell you, digesting these eucalyptus leaves is not an easy thing to do. And even when we're asleep we've got our fly swats active and working for us.

Even though Hugo looks like he's just a pretty sleepy chap, I wonder if you've seen the other videos of him over the last month or so? Well worth checking out he is one awesome lad.

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I always find I can spot Hugo really easily because he's just so big and round. Hugo is huge! And I know everyone's been waiting for an update on Jessie. There will be another video coming out soon. Look at that nose. He's got the best sniffing honker that there is.

We all really wondered what was going to happen with him when he escaped out of that soft release. But, you know what? He knew more of what he needed and what's going on than anybody would have realised. Look at him. He's just so pleased with himself and I love seeing him when I come along checking koalas.

And already we're up to the second last in the countdown. And it's Queen Matilda. Oh yeah she rules. This girl! I tell you what, beautiful and round. Never seems to have a hair out of place. Even if she chooses some pretty funny spots to sit she is one gorgeous round faced little honey. And we're still waiting for her to really give us a good look at her belly to see is there a bulge in her pouch yet or not.

I wonder if March will be the big reveal month? Come on Matilda, give us a clue.

And we’re at the final. We’re at Ellie. The winner!

I found Ellie 26 out of 28 days in February. So what are the chances that she was just hiding a bit too well from me the days I missed her? Because I tell you, some days she's easy to see like this, and other days she's hard to spot!

She sure likes her tucker. Look at the size of those leaves that she's eating. One’s nearly as big as her head.

Things seemed to have quietened down in the second half of February a little bit between Ellie and Hugo. So, now we're waiting to find out: was Hugo successful, or did miss Ellie just tell him where to get off?

Ellie also loves being up in the top of those great tall trees which is where we want to see them. And there's no fear about her being up there. I mean look at the climbing skills this gal has got.

You can see a beautiful native bird having a little bit of a preen right beside her there in the branch. That is a fig bird, and you can see beautiful red around the eyes.

So, there's the line-up for February. 6 gorgeous different koalas, wild and free, doing their thing as we head out of summer in autumn.

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