Koala Kindy – Webster and Templeton update

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Let’s have a look at how Webster and Templeton are getting along with their two weeks in the kindy.

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Time in kindy is an important step in getting these young koalas ready for life in the wild. Every koala life counts so we do all we can to prepare them to succeed. It really helps to buddy two or three youngsters together. In the wild they would each have mum for support, so the best simulation we can give, is to give them one of their peers.

If they buddy together, then they can separate and disperse in their own time, once they're released into the wild.

As I check on them each day, the main three things that I'm looking for are:

number one - that they are moving between the trees regularly

number two - that their bottoms are clean and dry

and number 3 - that their scats look normal

The first check I do on them each day is when I'm on the quad bike and have been out checking all of the koalas on the property, and I don't even need to go inside to do that one. Another thing that they learn here is that there are other wild koalas about, like Bullet here who's having his dinner just outside the enclosure. This is a safe way for them to smell a male very close by, and even get to see him.

Once they are released, they will encounter older males and will have to learn even more social skills. For now, all of them are learning the skills of just being near to each other without aggression.

This is Templeton and this is Webster.

They know each other quite well because they've been buddied up together for some time before coming out here. So, a good sign with these fellows that I did observe was that while they did sometimes sleep in the same tree, most days they were in quite separate trees. What this shows is that they're thinking about their own best food and shelter choices. Rather than wanting to just huddle together like a very little young Joey would want to do. So, this means that they are showing some signs of intellectual maturity which is great to see.

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