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Today we're going to have a look at how to tell the girl koalas from the boy koalas.

They look quite similar but there's more differences than you might imagine. So, by the end of this video, hopefully a koala looks either like a girl or a boy, and you're able to tell the differences rather than just see them all as being ‘a koala’.

Firstly, we are just going to have a little bit of a look at the general head shape of a girl koala. So, I've got four different girls here as an example for you to look at and what we're looking for is developing an eye for a face that has a feminine look to it. It’s actually quite difficult, but when you watch the next video that I release showing males, it's going to really start to help give you that contrast.

Now, we're going to have a close look at the ears of a girl koala.

In general, girl koalas have slightly larger ears than the boys and they tend to be fluffier. They often appear to be set a little bit higher on the head as well, but a lot of that is because they usually have a slightly narrower skull at the top, because it gives that feminine look that I was talking about before.

Now, when we look at the eyes of a girl koala, I'm also going to need to talk about the facial structure because it has a really big influence on the girls eyes. The girls face is a flatter face, and this makes her eyes appear to be a little bit further apart and sitting more large and round. It gives her quite a soft look.

And now we're going to examine that nose. Now, all koalas have a large nose that sits in the front of their face. However, even saying that the female koala nose is a smaller nose. And the really big thing is that when we look at it from side on, it does not have a big Roman bulge to it. It sits flatter to the face.

Now, the face of any koala can be a little bit confusing, so let's have a look at that white chest at the front of a koala. If you can ever see that girls chest, you'll notice always it is completely white. There might be a slight dent showing in the very middle, but girls always have a pure white chest. Of course, a young male might be purely white too.

Now, if we can get a little look at a belly of a koala we can tell for certain, because where a boy will have a set of testes, the girls will have a pouch.

And of course, that pouch is quite full. But we can actually see that slotted opening at the base of her pouch.

Even if she hasn't got a Joey in pouch yet, we can see that slitted opening. But when there is actually Joey in pouch we might see a quite round bulging shape at the front of her, and depending on the position she's sitting in, we might be very lucky to see an obvious pouch even moving.

I don't think any of us will forget the day I found that Joey wriggling inside Phoenix's pouch. As Joey is getting very close to being ready to come out, of course that pouch becomes larger and larger and more easily able to be seen.

Even when there's a Joey in pouch, the females are still quite able to climb, and you can see that is quite a sizable Joey in there. In fact, Maxine is papping at this point.

We can see that slitted pouch opening. She still very agile and this was only days before her Joey started emerging from that beautiful pouch.

Sometimes, if one is very lucky, they'll even see the pouch slightly open, and be able to see that Joey moving about inside. Joey is usually about seven months old by that point.

In this photo, in the red ring, you can see Joey being held by mums feet. And underneath, you can see a very floppy pouch.

And finally, the very easiest way to tell a female koala, is when you see her cuddling with a Joey, or having it riding on her tummy or back.

You will never see a male koala doing these things. You may see a male koala in the same tree as a female or a Joey, but not cuddling one.

I hope that you now feel a little bit more confident that you can tell the boys and the girls apart when you're looking at a koala. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's not.

But you've made it through to the end of the video!

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Keep watching for the next video in this series all about the boys.

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