Matilda – gorgeous koala or what?

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I haven't shown much from Matilda lately because she's really just been a bit of a sleepyhead. So, here's a couple of weeks catch up on where Matilda's been.

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To be honest with you, most of the time that I'm filming koalas they’re asleep, and they’re way higher up in the trees then I'm usually able to make them look with my camera zoom.

It's beautiful when you come along and see a koala like Matilda, she is just the picture of health. This tree she's in, notice it has a slightly different bark? This is often called a secondary food tree and it is a flooded gum in the area that Matilda spends most of her time. There's actually quite a lot of these flooded gums and this area used to be called Frankie's playground, because Frankie, who was son of Stevie grew up in this area.

Don't you just love how koalas can just flop themselves and sleep? They kind of wedge into the small branches and they are just totally confident in themselves.

Now, I have to admit, I don't even know how I've managed to take this video, because honestly, I was laughing so hard at Matilda this morning.

Just look at that posture. Unbelievable. She is such a doll.

This is her in the same spot. I've come around the tree a little bit more. Quite often I'll do that. I'll stop. Take a few photos, a bit of video, then move around and try to get better shots from another angle. Look at that foot.

And now we get a little bit of the most unladylike scratching. But what I was really trying to do, was get a bit of a pouch glimpse. Has Matilda got a little bulge in a pouch there or not? You know what? I'm still not 100% sure.

And wouldn't you know it? When I try to get a good shot of it and find out. Oh no! She turned her back on me and climbs down the tree. Hey, at least we're getting a little bit of movement.

Do you know that probably for every two or three minutes of koala movement video I get, I probably get two or three hours of sleeping koala video in a week of koala spotting? But we're actually in luck today, we're going to get a little bit of Matilda movement.

Just look at how round and tubby she is. That is superb koala health.

She sits for a moment, making a few decisions. I might go up that way, checking about, have to get past. Nah, too difficult, back down. I know, I'll go elsewhere. Bye!

So, Matilda went up into a young forest red gum tree and decided that it was a good time to have a meal. She's balancing perfectly well up there in the tippy top of that young sapling. Well, it's not actually really a sapling anymore but it's only about 15 metres high.

And there's my quad bike. And I'll just give you a little look around in the area that's still known as Frankie's playground.

Now, another day and she's back in another flooded gum. Beautiful trees the flooded gums, just gorgeous. I believe observing the koalas from a distance is a really important ecological principle for their well-being. So, I look close, but usually I'm nowhere near them.

So, nothing terribly exciting from the absolutely stunning Queen Matilda. But hey, we could watch koalas all day, anyway couldn't we?

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