Matilda – some history and some news!

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Let's have a look at the highlights of this week with Matilda.

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In this video we're going to get a peek at some history of the property and great past koalas, and unveil some news.

Matilda hasn't been around for a couple of weeks so it's great to see her back on a wet day. We get to see her in several different trees over the course of this week and this one is a swamp mahogany which is a primary koala food tree.

The pale branches, those grey ghosty kind of colour that you can see in the background there are flooded gums. These are the trees Ellie really likes.

We've been having pretty mixed weather the past week and you can see today's all blue skies and Matilda just couldn't be more comfortable. She is definitely the Queen of sleeping in classic koala style and I love how she always manages to just prevent dribbling in her sleep.

Now this area is where the very first trees were planted back in 2011. It's hard for me to believe that they are actually turning 10 years old.

Over this last 10 years this area has been a favourite for a few great koalas. Let's have a little look.

We'll start with Enigma. He was seen in this small area 56 times. What a great nose pattern he has.

Now Maxine started in this area but she was only here 39 times as she spent time on lots of the property.

And Stevie loved it here. See that tiny little hand hanging out of her pouch? And there's Frankie’s whole head sleeping away, while the rest of him was in her pouch.

Frankie actually spent all of his early juvenile time in this area, on his own. 149 days and it became known as Frankie's playground.

Ellie particularly likes this area of the property and hangs out here most of the time.

You can see that the trunk of this 10 year old tree is now about koala width. These gums shed their bark each year and you can see some hanging in front of Matilda there.

After shedding the trunk becomes completely grey and smooth. You can see some unshed bark at the base of the trees there.

We get a good look at matilda's hand here with the two opposable thumbs and sharp claws for climbing.

Koalas often stick one or even both feet out, often with the toes splayed, while they remain relaxed and sleeping.

Now see this tiny little bird on the left? That's a rainbow bee eater. There's heaps of these on the property which shows that there's an abundance of thriving insect population. It's really hard to focus on it so here's a couple of still photos so you can see just how stunning they are. They are extremely good hunters and so colourful.

And now we've hit the exciting part of the week. I'm not 100% sure. But is that a suspicious bulge? What do you think?

I can't describe how difficult it can be to get footage like this through the branches, from a distance, without disturbing the koala.

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