Millie – finally we have some rain!

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Koalas love the rain.

You can see how dry the grass is, as we have been in drought since 2019.

But with one night of rain, already the stunning colours are coming out like magic!

I truly love the forest red gum - as do the koalas.

Just as I was heading back to the house, I found Phoenix enjoying a hydrating meal.  By this point both myself and the camera lens was as wet as she is.

But I am serious, no one is complaining - it is has been frighteningly dry for far too long.

Here is where my run out in the rain started.

What a nice surprise to find little Millie.

You can see that her coat is very wet, but the water doesn't really soak in, it sits on the outside.

It has rained for hours straight, far too heavily to be out with a camera, or bother eating.

So, we are both taking the opportunity - Millie to eat, and me to film.

You can see how methodically she has to chew those tough leaves with her molar teeth.

The rain also makes her fur look quite dark, and we can clearly see that all koalas have a white front, and inside the arms is also white.

See how she uses her teeth to grip the stem and gets that leaf into position to bite right off.

And if you can't get it all at once, just bite it in half!

Have you ever tried to rip a eucalyptus leaf up?

You will appreciate how tough and stringy they actually are.

Sometimes it's not as easy as it seems to get those juiciest tips from the top - especially when wet and slippery.

They all seem so close to hand, but not quite.

Those koala hands are fascinating to watch.

Three fingers and two thumbs on each hand, and those long sharp claws, and yet ah, no, hang on, that side, that's better.

Look at the size of those leaves.

That's what I call koala paradise.