Mist + joey TOP 10 Countdown

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What's up YouTube?

I'm Koola Koala and I'm going to take you through a countdown of the top 10 Mist joey videos up to 2017. So, we're going to have a blast from the past!

Mist’s new book is being launched next week, so it seemed fitting to have her launch this new series on YouTube. We're going to do a Top 10 video every month from now on.

So, get ready to be wowed with joey cuteness.

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And now, sit back and enjoy the video.

So, you're probably wondering how can I possibly rank gorgeous koala video. I mean it is not easy let me tell you. Well, I do it in a totally objective way, using purely my emotional response with what I call the Koola Meter.

So, the Koola Meter will rank them from the “Oh yeah, that's cute”, through the “I'm dying and throwing things around the room, that's so cute”, right up to the “I just black out to the awesomeness of it all”.

So, this video definitely had to make it into the Top 10 because there's nothing like that very first time you see a joey when that little hand just kind of reaches out of the pouch and scratches around a little bit. Not enough for us to really see that joey clearly yet, but a wonderful first start.

So, there we go number 10 on our list.

Number 9, and seriously this is just as good but it's joey's entire head! And just look at how they're sleeping. So cute.

Number 8 and we’re on the move. And it’s the good old ‘hold onto the shoulder trick’. Really, square on the back of the neck is far smarter. Oh, OK, thanks mom, stop for a scratch!

Now, number 7 and this joey is just way too cute. Hey, mom, give me a little notice before you just take off. Sheesh!

Number 6. My mum, my bed. Oh really, is that camera pointed at us again? Haven't you ever heard of a thing called privacy?

And now it's number 5. And what a nice spot to rest. Hang on, where are we going? Lucky I've got claws.  Oh, now we're not moving. Oh, yes we are! Gotta get up to that sweet spot. This ain't as easy as it looks.

Now we’re down to number 4. And I've got the hang of this now. Do we have to do all that scratching right here? It's like being on a massage machine! I hope no one saw that.

And this one gets the number 3 slot because I just love how much joey is now just perfectly in harmony with mom and with nature. Nothing fazes him.

And number 2. This is just the most delicious joey ever. I've got a big koala leaf. Aren’t I just so clever? Om nom nom nom nom. Hang on! Seriously, that doesn't feel like my leaf. Oh, oh, oh, there it is, just over there. Gotcha! I’m getting that sucker this time. Ahhh, gotcha! Oh yeah, I like being a big koala.

And we've made it to number one!!!! Seriously, how can it be easier to go down a tree backwards with a big Joey on your belly? Doesn't he hit his head?

Oh, there we go. That was the 10 best videos of Mist in her Joey from 2015 to 17 and you made it right through the lot!

I wonder if you agree with me? Because, you know, it is only my opinion. But hey, I'm Koola Koala and I used my Koola Meter.

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Thanks for watching. See you next time.

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