Phoenix dining in the wind

It was a very windy afternoon - maybe this could be a good way to reach more?

Phoenix is in a swamp mahogany, but trying to feed from a flooded gum.  Aha this is getting me right into the thickest part of the leaves I want!

Except that it just won't hold still for very long!

Not to be daunted, Phoenix climbs as high as she can to get more reach.  I do keep wondering though if she could have just climbed into the next tree?

It seems rather like one step forwards and two steps back ...

She certainly deserves full points for determination!

Phoenix isn't at all concerned no matter how much she is being blown about.

These tips must not be reachable from the other tree, and she is enjoying them!

Finally it seems time to back off and call it quits.

Now a little swamp mahogany dessert is in order ...

I wonder if all that blowing about helps the leaves go down?

That was certainly one wild ride to get a meal.