Soft release enclosure is ready

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We now have a soft release - I'm going to show you what it is, and how we did it.

The chosen tree is on a slope so we had to level the ground out .

A soft release is a mature tree with a surrounding fence.

We use it to make sure the koala can cope with climbing the way they will have to in the wild.

It can also be used for physiotherapy for koalas nearly ready to release after a long illness or injury.

Now to set up the gate posts and let the concrete set for a week.

The gate itself has another door at the base allowing us to attach a cage trap if something is wrong and we need to catch the koala.

The roll of metal is heavy, and 3 people were a must for this stage.

It is also awkward to roll out that much metal in a round shape!

But look at the result.

Please be sure to like this video.

Finally we built some furniture.

Koalas coming  inhere may be a low in confidence so this gives them some structures that are lower to the ground, while they get stronger.

It's important to reduce stress and promote healing.

We attach pots of other leaf so they have lots of good quality food in easy reach.

And finally some native sedges have been planted inside and when they grow it will be very homely in here.

And the exciting news is that in just 2 days time, the first koala is arriving for muscle physio.

This has been made possible by funding from ifaw, Friends of the Koala and time donated by volunteers