Stevie – joey learns some climbing skills

Transcript from inside video:

That moment when you realise the action is happening right there right now!     Can someone get all those leaves out of the way please?      You can see joey is sitting on a thin branch just above mum's back.

Perspective - they are about 20 - 25 metres up this mature forest red gum

Joey is working really heard to get a good meal!              Stevie decides to move off a little and at first joey is happy eating.         It takes a lot of effort and concentration to break those tough leaves off when you are this little! 

Joey realises mum has moved and finds that the branch she easily moved across to, is too far for little joey arms to reach.      Joey has a puzzle to solve and mum watches on to see if joey can figure this out.         Good mum - allowing joey the chance to solve this and learn valuable arboreal skills!

Joey keeps calling for mum who watches closely, but is still determined to see if joey can figure this out without her intervention.    While this can be a bit heart-stopping to watch, it is good mothering as joey must learn how to navigate in large trees as in only a few months joey will be independent and mum won't be there to solve problems.

In the end Stevie comes down to where the 2 branches diverge and waits for joey to come down and reunite with her.      Here she comes down the centre to meet joey who came down on the right.       Valuable lessons learned and all ends well.

Joey notices me for the first time and is like - wow mum what is that????   I'm quickly forgotten as they head back up to the tree tops where all wild koalas belong.