Summer moving between trees.


Summer had been resting in a popular pink bloodwood for the day. 

Time for a meal - pink bloodwood is a secondary food tree, but not all the koalas eat it, and not all year round.                               

He decides to finish descending on the other side of this parrot nesting box.

I then physically moved closer as he was going to be lost behind the trunk, and he stopped to check me out.    At this point I had sat down on the ground to be as small and non-threatening as possible.

He decides I'm OK and continues on his mission for dinner.                    

Over to a young tallowwood which is a primary food tree, so very much favoured by koalas.        Notice he carefully smells the trunk - koalas do all their communicating by scent, so they are constantly smelling everywhere they go. A quick check that I haven't moved, and he is happy.

On the way up, he frequently pauses to smell the trunk for past koala messages, and looks over his shoulder to be sure I'm behaving and staying still where I sat.       I am around 15 - 18 metres away from this tree.   When I sat down he was in the bloodwood which is a further 6 - 8 metres away. 

Once up in the canopy it became too dense to film well, and he settled in for a good feed.